Quirky club spotlight: Dave Matthews Band Club


Clubs for people with interests all across the board have always been an integral part of AU’s identity. It could be a writing-centered club, an academic club or, in this case, a Dave Matthews Band Club.

The Dave Matthews Band Club, which is by far one of the more niche clubs offered at AU, was started by Senior history major Caleb Scott during the second semester of last year. “The idea behind the club was wanting a place where Dave Matthews Band fans could congregate and talk freely about Dave Matthews Band without any judgment.  This came out of me being frustrated encountering more animosity from non-DMB fans than I ever expected to experience.”

“I was just tired of people saying, ‘Ew. Why do you listen to them?’ whenever I brought up one of my favorite bands.  I also started the club as a way to evangelize to non-Dave Matthews Band listeners who might want to start.  The club was meant to be a jumping-off point, I guess,” he continued.

Scott said that the club meets once a month, typically on the second Tuesday of every month. Whether it’s just visiting with other members or doing homework, the club prides themselves on a laid back, friendly setting for people to sit back and just listen to some music.

“Each month we listen to a different DMB album and hang out,” Scott said. “While there are only eight studio albums, there are tons of live records, so running out of listening material isn’t really an issue.  Other than just listening to his music, people bring homework and food and we just sit around and catch up with how everyone is doing.

“We of course discuss the songs we are listening to as well.  Common topics include best song on that particular album, favorite lyrics from that song or album, if that song has a great live recording and where to find it, and other related topics.  It’s meant to be super laid back,” Scott said.

The club has between 20 to 30 members, alumni members and honorary members. “Low attendance typically looks like seven to eight people and high attendance is normally around 15 people,” he said. “We had a big graduating class from last year but we have definitely made up for that this year with new members.”

“We currently have five officers, but we have been talking about changing that.  There isn’t really enough to do for five people and the club isn’t really big enough to have five officers either.” Scott is the president, Joe Isaacs is the vice president, Hannah Scott is the secretary, Sam Bate is the treasurer and The Dave, who is Ethan Stutz, is probably the most important and different officer from other clubs, according to Scott.  “Every group needs a Dave, so the Dave is our Dave.  Other than he is responsible for the emotional well-being of the club and to be a fountain of helpful DMB lyrics when a member needs a pick-me-up or some advice,” he said.

Since Scott will be graduating in May, the club will have to function without its creator and president next year, but he believes that it will be able to do so without his physical presence.

When asked what he wants to get done before he graduates, he said: “One thing I’m hoping to do is acquire funding to get physical copies of the eight studio albums purchased for the club so they always have something to listen to, even if the internet is down or something.  On a more serious note, hopefully the club lasts past Hannah and Ethan, the youngest officers’, graduation. In all honesty the future of the club rests in the hands of the members and how passionate they are about keeping it alive.  I believe Hannah and Ethan will do this, but I have no idea what future members will do.”

In closing, Scott said of his time in the club: “I’d say that the thing I have enjoyed most about Dave Matthews Club is that it functions exactly the way I hoped it would. It seems like every other meeting a new person shows up that I don’t know and they came for some Dave Matthews Band and some hangs. It’s really satisfying to see something you spent a long time working on come to fruition like that. And now I have a bunch more friends! Also Dave Matthews Band is my other favorite part of Dave Matthews Club.”