Health services welcomes new employees, services


Health Services is a convenient facility on campus, allowing students to utilize their care and health-related resources. Free to all students, Health Services makes it a point to provide for every person’s well being, supplying every service with a friendly smile.

New changes have been implemented within Health Services recently, and as Community Hospital has taken over representation, what is offered on campus has been expanded. Being connected with a hospital has made it easier to obtain referrals and meet students’ needs.

Lending a hand when feeling under the weather, Health Services can write prescriptions and make diagnoses. The facility provides tuberculosis tests for $5, a lower cost than most establishments, orders tests and labs and now can perform physicals.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment if they are feeling sick. Issues that cannot be handled directly by Health Services can now be referred to Community for treatment or investigation.

Health Services is a place with convenient care and generous caregivers. Known for her kindness and big heart, Nurse Nancy has been the face of Health Services for quite some time, serving at AU since 1994. There are two new faces in Health Services this semester, delivering the same treatment with a smile.

Kayla Newby and Wendy Shannon are the two new Nurse Practitioners in the Health Services house. Honoring the same care that Nancy has provided, they each bring something new to the table, allowing students additional opportunities.

“I love being on campus, hearing about the activities and being able to help students get over their illnesses and helping in general,” Newby says.

Kelsi Allen, a senior Christian ministries major, has been working at Health Services for two years, experiencing the ins and outs of the facility. “All change is difficult,” she says, “but we are getting used to it.”

“Health Services is completely necessary,” says Allen. “We have students come in just to have a smiling face and know that people care. Nancy does an awesome job at being personal and loving, and the new nurse practitioners are doing a great job.”

With big shoes to fill, the nurse practitioners are striving to encourage students and aid their medical needs. “I am really grateful they stepped up to keep this place going,” Allen says of the two new employees.

Newby graduated from IPFW with a degree in Nursing and obtained her Master’s degree from Ball State University. Previously working in family practice at Community Health Network, Newby has brought new insight to Health Services.

Previously, Newby worked on a medical surgical floor and in the emergency department for eight years. Serving at a university is quite a change in pace. “It is definitely more of a personal feel, like more family-oriented,” she says.

Not many universities provide care for free, and it is a unique feature that is necessary for serving students fully, Newby believes. “Educating students on what to do during an illness and preventative measures they can take is so important,”  she says.

Shannon, the second nurse practitioner, has worked extensively in different medical units, including medical-surgical, oncology, education, long-term care, psychiatric nursing and progressive critical care.

Passionate about the versatility that nursing and care provides, Shannon completes her doctoral program this year, obtaining a PhD in nursing practice.

With new changes come different outlooks, but the quality of care provided within Health Services is staying the same. Continuing to serve, Health Services allows students to be comforted and cared for while away from home.

“Being healthy mentally and physically is so important,” Allen said. “To walk into a place where people know your name and care about you is so important in being successful.”

Health Services is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.- 4 p.m., located behind Myers Hall at 307 Cottage Ave.

Whether you need extra health-related attention or you’re just looking for a friendly face, stop by Health Services. Newby states, “It’s provided and we are always here, so you might as well come.”