Summer goodbyes from the staff


Well, another year gone. As always, it has been an honor to take part in this crazy journey of writing the news and putting the pages together with friends. For those of us on staff who are ditching AU (that’s you, Megan and Ethan), I can’t believe our time together has come to an end. Megan, thank you for all the times we paused work for family dinner and ended up talking about everything under the sun. That was always amazing. And, Ethan, thanks for all the times you’ve had me in tears from laughing so hard. Andersonian family, I’m a better person because of each and every one of you.

– Nikki Edrington, Co-Editor

My Andersonian swan song. It’s been one heck of a ride the last almost three years. You guys made me a better writer, a better editor, but also made me a better guy. I don’t know how you guys will do it without me next year (probably much better, actually,  haha), but I sure know that I will miss being a part of it. Thanks for making this paper great for the last few years and letting me help.

– Ethan Utterback, Associate Editor

Of all the things that I will miss about this AU bubble, my time here at the Andersonian indubitably ranks the highest. All the articles, copy editing and late nights aside, the people behind the paper were what made it all worth it. Faith, for always greeting me with a hug and for starting all the most epic dance parties; Nikki for leading us all fearlessly and ensuring that we actually got some work accomplished; Hannah for being the enduring sweet smile and voice of encouragement; Ethan for keeping us all in constant fits of laughter and writing all the advice columns (whoops, the secret’s out); and Alec, for being an irreplaceable member of this team and for knowing more about sports that I could ever hope to. I wouldn’t be who I am without you all—thank you for who you are to me, my sweet Andersonian family.

– Megan DeBruyn, Production Editor

It’s been another year, and the time flies. It’s crazy. I’m going to miss Megan and Ethan, but their legacy of humor and talent will not soon be forgotten by the remaining Andersonian staff. I wish them the best and I hope that they will make great lives for themselves outside of this campus. Thank you for teaching me how best to use InDesign and making me laugh.

– Faith Middleton, Co-Editor

This year, being my first on staff, was a whirlwind of new experiences. I could now never imagine going through this year without the encouragement and uplifting spirits of those who work on the Andersonian. Megan, thank you for your constant positivity and your sweet demeanor. Ethan, thank you for making every situation enjoyable and light-hearted. You both made this year so memorable and treasured.

– Hannah Ader, Copy Editor