Counseling Services provides students a support system

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Counseling Services is an integral part of our AU community. College life presents a whole host of different challenges to students, and oftentimes help is needed in working through these. Counseling Services exists to provide students with a strong support system and a safe place to work through whatever they… Read more »

Dr. Allen reflects on Trump’s first month

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On January 20th, the trajectory of America changed as Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. Because of the lengthy process of legislative efforts, executive orders are common during the first few months of a new presidency. Trump has taken advantage of his executive order privilege in… Read more »

AUFS responds to students, brings back 2mato

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AU Food Services received almost entirely negative feedback on Yo! Bowl throughout the first three weeks of this semester. Students were disappointed with the quality and variety of the food it offered. With this in mind, Food Services decided to replace the venue mid-semester. Suahil Housholder, business manager for Business… Read more »

Q & A with Dr. Jaye Rogers

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Dr. Jaye Rogers is a history professor, as well as the chair of the department of history and politial science at AU. She has been at AU since 1996. She received her PhD from Union University in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Q: Tell me about yourself.  A: I was born in Appalachia, right… Read more »

Trump win calls electoral college into question

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The 2016 presidential election was arguably unlike any election this country has ever seen. Many can recall their doubt as Donald Trump presented the idea of running for president a mere two years ago. This January, however, he will move into the White House. Trump’s campaign against seasoned politician Hillary… Read more »

Centennial homecoming celebration preview

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Homecoming week is always an exciting time on campus, but this year it is bound to be extra special, as AU is also kicking off its yearlong centennial celebration. Students, faculty, families and alumni will have no shortage of fun events to take part in all weekend long. To kick… Read more »