AU staff member joins clean water protest

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In November, AU Staff member Mark Dawson, Director of Covenant Productions, visited the Dakota Access Pipeline protest site. “I started following the the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance camp activity along the northern border of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation around the time that the Camp of the Sacred Stones was… Read more »

Some thoughts at the end of the semester

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As someone who is graduating this December, each passing day has brought on more and more anxiety about what I’m going to do when I’m faced with the “real world.” So, in order to distract myself from that reality, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the things… Read more »

Conference to teach girls they are God’s Beloved

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Marsha Speaking

Citing Romans 9:25 as her inspiration, Marsha Reeder, the founder of Beloved Ministry, says that the ministry was “a vision from the Lord.” “Beloved is a ministry with a vision to bring girls to a life-changing, defining moment by experiencing God’s love through authentic worship, hearing Beloved stories, opportunities to… Read more »

AU theatre program performs “Regina”

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This weekend, AU will be able to witness to what lengths a woman from the early 20th century will go in order to gain control of her financial life. The spring Opera, “Regina” will be premiering this Friday with a cast of talented AU students filling the roles. “Regina” is… Read more »

AU Engineering and IDEA-U to host Vex competition

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It can be difficult to get elementary, middle and high school students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Vex robotics works to do just that by giving students an opportunity to build robots and use them to compete against other teams from around the world. The competitions… Read more »

Chapel Committee discusses changes to chapel options

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For years, SGA, Dr. Brent Baker, Dr. Chris Confer and Campus Pastor Todd Faulkner have been talking about ways to improve the chapel experience for AU students. They take into account the feedback that they’ve heard from students and are working to fit those suggestions in with AU’s Christian focus…. Read more »

Chartwells workers win union representation

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  As many people on campus are aware, there has been some turbulence in the past between Chartwells staff and their employees regarding the formation of a union. The main reason that the food service employees wanted to create a union was that AU goes through changes in food service… Read more »