Q & A with Professor Jack Lugar

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Professor Jack Lugar is in his first year as a full-time communications professor. After living in Los Angeles for several years, he and his family moved back to his hometown of Indianapolis. He is married to Elisabeth, and has two sons, Conrad and Ethan, and a daughter, Cali.    Q:… Read more »

Talecris offers opportunity for plasma donation

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It can take anywhere from 130 to 1,200 donations to treat one single patient on a plasma-based medication for one year, depending on their condition. Donating plasma is a simple and rewarding way for members of the AU community to touch the lives of our Anderson community and far beyond…. Read more »

Tips for now that Trump is actually President

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I have joked about this outcome happening for many months, but like most other people, I didn’t think he had a fat chance, a ghost of a chance, or a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. So, here are some tips now that Donald Trump is, actually, President…of the United States…he… Read more »