Summer goodbyes from the staff

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Well, another year gone. As always, it has been an honor to take part in this crazy journey of writing the news and putting the pages together with friends. For those of us on staff who are ditching AU (that’s you, Megan and Ethan), I can’t believe our time together… Read more »

Call to administration: Alcohol policy

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We know you’ve heard enough grumbling about the AU alcohol policy to last you a lifetime. Bear with us, however, because we at the Andersonian believe that this issue warrants one last call to action—specifically, a call to the administration. While some students might be under the impression that the… Read more »

Running from the silence, escaping reality

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Everywhere we turn, there is something making noise. Silence, it seems, is dead. Not even when we are alone in our rooms can we escape the noise of 2017. From heating and air conditioning vents to refrigerators, from the whirring of a computer to the dull roar of a comedy… Read more »

The Millenial concept is often inaccurate

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Each generation is influenced by certain characteristics and broad swaths painted to generalize. And each time a generation comes of age into the world, the older generations set themselves apart by criticizing and nitpicking the characteristics of the new one. This is currently happening for the Millennial generation. We’ve read… Read more »

The importance of student government

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Every election matters—even the ones on small Christian campuses like AU. That’s why, when voting ensues tomorrow after chapel, it is vital for students to take part in the election process. Although it seems insignificant, involvement in student government can bring great change to campus. Voting in the general election… Read more »

Black History Month

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February is the month that we celebrate Black History. We learn about important Black historical figures, attend events to celebrate black culture, and place an emphasis on Black cultural history in America. However, do we all participate? Do we give the celebration of Black history the credence that it deserves?… Read more »

Q & A with Kayla Jones

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This article was written by guest writer Maria Neathery.   Kayla Jones is a senior social work major from West Lafayette, Indiana.   Q: What inspired you to start Basic Body Bootcamp? A: I’ve always really been into health and fitness. It’s been like a side passion of mine and I… Read more »

Don’t rely on politics for change

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Poltics are important. If you are of the voting age, you should educate yourself about the issues, the platforms, and go vote. The nation we live in is a democracy, so we should all participate in that democracy as we are able. However, as influential as the political realm may… Read more »

Hope for the coming years

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Post-election, many Americans celebrated. Many others wept. Regardless of political leanings or deeply-held moral beliefs, this is the America we now face. As the door closes on the current American era, a new era knocks. This era is one of political wars and supremacy. It is an era of privilege… Read more »