Debating ethical meat consumption

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I remember watching Pulp Fiction with several of my friends late in the first semester of my freshman year. In a profanity- laden opening sequence, Samuel L. Jackson’s character asks to try a bite of the Big Kahuna Burger sitting on the table in front of him. Taking a bite,… Read more »

Interview with John Schwallie

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AU student and musical artist John Schwallie sat down to discuss music, songwriting, future endeavors and the changing face of his band John Louis and the Midwest. Q: Can you give the readers an overview of your history in music? A: I started playing piano in third grade, started playing… Read more »

Mocha Joe’s revamps menu with new supplier

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This past fall, students who frequented Mocha Joe’s likely noticed a change of decor. The installation of new light fixtures and furniture along with a fresh coat of paint were the obvious physical changes to the space. This semester marks a continuation in renovations to the coffee shop, which have… Read more »

I.T.S. discusses potential threat of security hacks

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College students are some of the most active users of technology in the country. Between tablets, smartphones and laptops, young adults are rarely disconnected from their gadgets, and as a result are rarely disconnected from the Internet. This constant connectivity opens a multitude of avenues for hackers to infiltrate university… Read more »